Construction Clean-Up For Well-Maintained San Antonio Projects


When it comes to your San Antonio commercial property, new constructions can be a pain to clean up after. That's why Proper Cleaning Service LLC offers construction clean-up as one of our many pressure washing services.

As a member of the community and local business ourselves, we understand the importance of a clean physical building, both inside and out. We at Proper Cleaning Service LLC are proud to be able to help our fellow San Antonio entrepreneurs with their exterior cleaning needs, especially after particularly messy scenarios, such as after a renovation or new construction. With our construction clean-up service, you can rest assured that your business will be in good hands to get it into good condition after the contractors leave.

To learn more about our construction clean-up service that we offer to our San Antonio and surrounding area business owners, please give us a call at 210-452-1488 to speak with the experts themselves.

New Construction Pressure Washing

Although it is generally considered good etiquette to completely clean up after oneself after a construction project, there are some things that your building contractors won't be able to do, such as washing off the building or removing drips of paint, at least not as efficiently and effectively as Proper Cleaning Service LLC can. You might notice that your building is dusty and a little drab after a renovation due to the dust and such, but a simple construction clean-up service with Proper Cleaning Service LLC will get your business sparkling clean and ready for customers in a very short amount of time, not to mention with affordable pricing.

Pressure washing is a great option for new construction clean-up. The process is quick and environmentally friendly because chemicals will not have to be used due to organic growths like algae, as pressure washing typically has to treat. To schedule your new construction pressure washing service, give us a call at 210-452-1488 to speak with our staff.

The Construction Clean-Up Pros

At Proper Cleaning Service LLC, our entire identity is superior service. From the moment you call us to the day of your service, you will receive nothing but the best in customer service and labor the San Antonio area has to offer. In addition, we offer a range of commercial services, from graffiti removal to parking lot cleaning, so you can use us as your one-stop-shop for all things exterior cleaning. Give us a call at 210-452-1488 to speak to the pros themselves.