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Commercial building cleaning

At Proper Cleaning Service LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional environment for your business. A sparkling commercial space not only creates a positive first impression for clients and employees but also promotes a healthy and productive work atmosphere.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services designed to meet your specific needs, from daily touch-up cleaning to in-depth janitorial services. This page highlights some of our core services that ensure a hygienic and inviting space for your business:

1. Trash Removal and Management:

  • Regular Trash Collection: We handle the removal of trash from all designated bins within your commercial space. Our reliable schedule ensures bins are emptied promptly to avoid unpleasant odors and overflowing waste.
  • Recycling Services: We can set up a designated recycling program for your business. This includes providing clearly labeled bins and ensuring proper sorting of recyclable materials. Proper waste disposal not only benefits the environment, but it can also help reduce your waste disposal costs.
  • Deep Cleaning of Trash Areas: We go beyond simply emptying bins. Our cleaning procedures include disinfecting the surrounding areas to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

2. Restroom Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection: Our trained cleaning staff utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure a high level of sanitation in your restrooms. This includes cleaning toilets, sinks, floors, and all other restroom surfaces.
  • Refilling Supplies: We'll take care of keeping your restrooms stocked with essential supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap. This removes the burden from your staff and ensures a seamless experience for your visitors.
  • Deodorizing and Odor Control: We use eco-friendly deodorizing solutions to eliminate unpleasant odors and maintain a fresh scent in your restrooms.

3. Hand Sanitizer Systems: Refilling and Maintenance:

  • Maintaining Cleanliness and Functionality: We'll ensure your hand sanitizer dispensers are consistently filled and functioning properly.
  • Refilling with Approved Products: We use only high-quality, EPA-approved hand sanitizers that meet industry standards.
  • Visual Inspection and Reporting: Our staff will conduct regular inspections of the dispensers, checking for leaks, damage, or low product levels. We'll report any issues for prompt attention.

4. Professional Window Cleaning:

  • Sparkling Clarity: Our experienced window cleaners utilize professional techniques and equipment to ensure a streak-free, brilliant shine on your windows.
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning: We clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows, removing dirt, grime, dust, and cobwebs.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety by utilizing appropriate equipment and procedures for cleaning windows at different heights.

Our Commitment to Your Business:

At Proper Cleaning Service LLC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services that enhance your work environment. We offer:

  • Customized Cleaning Schedules: We'll work with you to create a cleaning schedule that meets the specific needs of your business, whether it's daily cleaning for high-traffic areas or weekly deep cleaning.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: We are committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your employees and visitors while effectively eliminating dirt and germs.
  • Reliable and Insured Staff: Our cleaning crew is professionally trained, bonded, and insured, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Open Communication and Quality Control: We maintain open communication with our clients to address any concerns and ensure their satisfaction. Additionally, we conduct regular quality control checks to maintain the highest standards of service.

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