Sidewalk Cleaning For San Antonio: Upgrade Your Property's Visual Appeal

Sidewalk cleaning

Do you wish your sidewalks were a little more welcoming? If your San Antonio sidewalks have seen better times, we can restore them with our amazing sidewalk cleaning services. Concrete washing is a basic pressure washing service, but most people connect it with just driveway washing. However, your sidewalks get just as much use as your driveways, if not more, and they require just as much care.

That being said, we understand that, like driveway washing, sidewalk cleaning is a difficult job for many residents, and doing it completely without a pressure washer is nearly impossible. With our residential exterior cleaning services, we've been assisting residents in San Antonio in maintaining the beauty of their properties since 2019. Call us at 210-452-1488 to learn about our other residential services, such as house washing.

Walking Path Pressure Washing Means Superior Care For Your Spaces

If you've ever seen someone pressure washing a driveway or walkway, you're aware of how much debris the pressure washer blasts from the pavement. That concrete is packed with tiny pores that easily absorb stains, hiding them underneath where your broom or yard sprinkler can reach.

When it comes to walkways and sidewalks, the ability of concrete to absorb stains can make once-bright pavements appear aged and stained. Sidewalk cleaning is a fast and simple method to remove those stains and restore the original look of your pavement.

Walkway Washing For Safer Walking Surfaces

Algae and mold can effortlessly develop on walkways, just like they can on other exterior surfaces. With the proper circumstances, algae, mold, and mildew development can erupt into large colonies of treacherous, slimy patches. Never a good thing for a surface you frequently walk on. Aside from being a danger, these organisms can cause allergies and respiratory problems to pedestrians who step over them, and they can even accidentally bring the spores into their homes from their shoes and clothes.

We sanitize walkways with detergents mixed in our state-of-the-art machines, we eliminate such harmful substances. Not only will your walkways appear more welcoming, but you can also say goodbye to hazardous spores and slick areas.

Frequently Asked Sidewalk Cleaning Questions

If you notice green and dark spots on your sidewalk, this is typically due to algae or mildew. Fortunately, sidewalk cleaning can quickly remove those growths.

Sidewalk cleaning removes spores and pathogens from your pathways, and removes slippery areas. Left without cleaning, this can cause sickness and injury.

Without regular sidewalk cleaning, your sidewalks can become overgrown and slippery. Neglecting this can expose your sidewalk to premature degradation.