Why Choose Professional House Washing Over DIY

House washing

You do many tasks around the house to keep the inside of your home looking nice; why not show the same care to the outside of your home? House washing is an excellent method for keeping your home's exterior looking clean and in good condition.

However, many people's do-it-yourself house washing efforts fall short or even cause property damage. At the same time, many people are opposed to spending money and entrusting their property to strangers, even professionals.

So, when you have to wash your house exterior, what should you do? While it is your responsibility to weigh your choices and make the best decision for your property, we'd like to provide a few reasons why expert house washing is a good choice over DIY efforts.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Even common and standard practice pressure washing tasks, such as house washing, require more than just a Youtube video to get started. The best strategy for every cleaning assignment is decided by taking into account a variety of variables such as age, location, materials, types of grime, and more.

We favor soft washing for house washing because low pressures are less likely to cause damage to most siding materials. A do-it-yourselfer may be unaware and spray their home at full force, warping or cracking their sidings. Furthermore, an expert will be more knowledgeable about the best products to use to remove particular stains, such as rust or algae/mold stains.

Your professional pressure washing provider, such as Proper Cleaning Service LLC, will take all of this into account when cleaning your house exterior and leave with a satisfaction guarantee.

A Safer Choice

In the modern era, it's simple to discover tutorials, manuals, and instructional videos all over the internet, which has encouraged many people to take up a pressure washer and attempt their hand at DIY pressure washing. Professional instruction and on-the-job expertise, on the other hand, are invaluable. You can learn all you want about pressure washing, but actually, using one is a different story.

Pressure washers pack a punch—up to 4,000psi can rip from the nozzle. They create strong sprays, and it is easy to misjudge their strength or even lose command over the pressure washer. This can cause significant property damage but may also cause bodily harm. When you consider that it only takes 100 psi to penetrate human skin, you may understand just how dangerous those 4,000 psi sprays are.

Keep your pressure washing projects to the professionals; schedule a service for the San Antonio area today by calling 210-452-1488.