Why Shouldn't I DIY My Pressure Washing Projects?


The list of things they don't inform you about before you buy a house gets longer by the day. A new householder must strike a delicate balance between paying an array of vendors and rapidly adapting to become a do-it-yourself specialist. It soon becomes obvious that completely dedicating oneself to either is not wise. For instance, one may DIY small construction projects, but never in pressure washing. One must take a variety of factors into choosing what to DIY, such as initial costs, skill, and safety.

The DIY Choice

When it comes to house maintenance, the homeowner must determine their own strengths and flaws. Some tasks are simple to learn and can be accomplished by viewing a few videos, taking a how-to class, or asking for the assistance of a friend, neighbor, or family member who can show how to complete the task. Others require a professional touch.

When deciding which chores to tackle as a homeowner, look into the expense of purchasing or renting the necessary tools versus hiring a company to do it for you. It's easy to be swayed into purchasing a piece of equipment or materials with the belief that making a large purchase for what appears to be a straightforward job will result in major savings in the future. The issue is that appearances can be deceiving,
and do-it-yourselfers can find themselves in a heap of trouble soon.

This is especially true for projects that may be dangerous, such as pressure washing. As such, any pressure washing project, such as house washing, should be left to the pros, such as those at Proper Cleaning Service LLC.

The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing

There are numerous low-cost pressure washing devices on the market currently. Unfortunately, these devices are more powerful than the typical DIYer can handle. To make things worse, most people who buy a pressure washer are unaware that special chemicals are required to successfully clean with a pressure washer. When a new pressure washer user starts their first cleaning task at home, the following tends to happen:

  • Damaged property, such as house siding
  • Wasted water, time, and cleaning agents
  • Personal injury via tripping, slipping, and even accidentally spraying one's skin

House washing is an area of exterior property maintenance that frequently ends in disaster. What begins as a seemingly harmless cleaning effort can result in cracked vinyl, unsightly stains, and, in some cases, water damage. What started as a modest investment in a pressure washer can quickly turn into a repair task that costs twice as much or more. Worse, the job is increasingly time demanding and frustrating.

Save your time, money, and skin; schedule your pressure washing service with Proper Cleaning Service LLC today by calling 210-452-1488.